Thursday, June 29

Eid'ul Fitr and Trial?

Assalamualaikum and hello e'vryone!

Phew, now I'm back with a new update! Cheers e'vryone. How are you guys doing?

First of all, thank you for still reading this such a boring blog and Happy Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim readers! I feel like time flies so fast. A month of fasting, and suddenly Syawal had come. lol. Let's pray that all our good deeds are being counted by Allah the Almighty and He forgives our uncountable sin.

So for today, I don't have much to say actually. But I just want to share something with you guys. I think that you all know that I'll be sitting for SPM at the end of this year and I will face the trial examination in 39 days. 39 DAYS UNTIL TRIAL 2017 (7th of August 2017) guys. It ain't no joke.

..............why time does fly so fast...............

I can say that I'm not ready to sit for any exams soon. O' Allah please give me the strength to face all of these exams. 

And about my mid year's examination.......

Alhamdulillah, I passed with 1A+ 3A 3A- and 2B+.

Not to be proud of this but I hope this will help to motivate you guys.

To be compared with my last year (2016) diagnostic's result, I did improve and achieve my target for this year's mid-year exam.
Yes, don't be shocked. I failed my Add Maths paper last year. To be honest, on the day when I sit for my add maths paper 1 last year, and right after I turned to the first question, I gave up. I told myself that "dahla give up jelah. kau takkan boleh buat" (just give up, you can't do this). And I was dumb at the moment and yes I did give up the paper and I continued giving up on the paper 2.

I did some questions that I knew what to answer, but I didn't even read the last 4 questions that carry 3/4 marks each. You can see how I gave up on both papers. I love add maths. I love doing calculations. I didn't prepare much for the exams. And that's how I failed my add maths last year.

I learned from my mistakes. Alhamdulillah, I got my A //its A- tho// back in add maths for the mid-year exam. Hope to keep the good work until SPM real soon.

If you're wondering about how I study, I'll be giving you guys some tips. I don't want to boast about my result or what, I'm sorry. I just want to share something that might be helpful for you.
1. I didn't study for more than 2 hours straight.
2. I didn't study in the evening (2 p.m. - 8 p.m.)
3. I study at night. Yes, I stay late at night.
4. I eat during studying (except when I am fasting lol. This keeps me sober)
5. I listen to music while studying (some ppl say that it is not good to listen to music while studying. But i believe each and one of you have different ways to study right?)
6. If I need to memorize some facts (History/Chemistry), I WILL DEFINITELY LISTEN TO MY FAV PLAYLIST,
Hmm, I think that's all for today. Thank you again for reading! Any questions? Drop me a comment down below and I'll get to you soon. Enjoy your day!

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