Thursday, December 3

The Shoes Trend For Women in 2015

Greetings everyone,

I'm back with new entry yeah. I'm really excited to share with you guys about today's topic. The word in footwear for the season is options. I'M SOOOOOOO SHOES ADDICTED. Nowadays, as for women, you'll find that there are so many trends such as those t-straps, gladiators, double straps and even the platforms ! WOW, you guys are really living in such shoe heaven.

Besides, every woman knows men can hardly ever understand why women need as much shoes as we do. Some women have a closet full of shoes and still love shopping for more (ahaks, this is so me!!). As the fashion industry is a fast pace scene, shoe lovers will always know what trends are in and out every season. For the ladies who have no idea or missed out on the hot trends of shoes for women in 2015, check out the list below and find out whether you already have it in your fashion shoe collection at home.

Move on to our checklist !

1. Double Strap (this is definitely my favorite style!!)
The double strap heels are seen to be one of the popular choices of footwear among the ladies this year. The reason is double straps give you that nice hold grip and allows you to walk comfortably anywhere you go. Instead of putting too much pressure on your heels, the double strap design definitely helps make your shoe stay in place and you will never have to worry of it slipping off when you walk.

2. Glitter
Besides that, as we are ending the year, some of you might realize that there are a lot of glitter items in the scene (this is sooooooo Hollywood, lol). From clothing, bags and shoes, every woman should definitely own a pair of the glitter high heels to wear on special occasions. The glitter effect gives that exclusive touch and makes you show off your glamorous appearance. Those shoes in glitter are seriously THE KILLER and even the celebs love them!
OMG, the gold one sooooooooooooooooooo beautyyyyyyyyyy

Hehehe anyway, I have my own glitter collection yeah maybe it's not that 'collection' but I do have one ! Do check 'em out !
I bought it from ZALORA hehehehehehhehehe (They're on sale now, go get yours!)

3. Fridges
For the ladies who love an edgy touch to their outfits will absolutely fall in love at first sight with the fridge shoe design trend. The fridges designed shoes definitely helps give you that trendy rugged touch and bring out that modern fashion look. Match the shoes with a pair of skinny jeans or bodycon dress and step out looking gorgeous as ever.

That's all. Do you have all those in your collection? Is it a NO? OMG, you should go and get them now! Treats yourself by buying them online, you can buy them on ZALORA or any online shopping platforms. Have fun !



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