Wednesday, November 11

Twitter Trick : How to Have A Blank Name


Thanks for dropping by. So today I would like to share a twitter trick that I just found out lol. Have you seen a twitter profile like this
Found out what's the difference ? Yes, there's no name and only my username. I think that hipster enough lol jk.

So, the steps ;
1. Sign in your twitter account.
2. Go to "Edit Profile".
3. Copy this >> "ㅤ"
4. And paste in the name box. Like this;
p/s : pls note that is highlighted blank space
Reminder : You only have to copy what is inside the quotation marks "ㅤ" meaning that YOU DONT HAVE TO COPY WITH THE QUOTATION MARKS.
Get it ? Are you done ? You may click on the 'SAVE CHANGES' button now and tadaaaaaaaaa, you'll get a blank name. lol. Comment below if this trick works !
This is how your profile will look alike right after you have refreshed the browser.

Thanks for reading ! Do comment and give support !


  1. it didn't work. huehue

  2. just copy whats inside the qoutation

  3. It works!! Thanku!!

  4. It works :) Thanks a loooot ����

  5. i dont understand :((

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. woah! that was.. awesome! thank you!

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  9. Thanks a lot! to those people who had tried to copy that but didn't work try to copy mine "ㅤ"


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