Saturday, November 14

Online Shopping in Malaysia : My 2nd ZALORA experience


So how are you guys ? Alhamdulillah, I'm doing fine right now and today I would like to share about my online shopping experience. Actually, this isn't my 2nd time experience but I think this is the 5th ? or 6th ? hmm I don't even know since I used multiple account to shop on ZALORA. LOL

For now, I'm satisfied enough with ZALORA's service. Yes, I've read some entries & comments written by other customers who didn't get their best experience when they purchased something on ZALORA but as for me, I'm fine and loving their service.

Okay. As for my latest order, it was for my upcoming dinner which will be held on 18th November. I'm so excited about the dinner since I'm the one who handle the event (with the committee member help for sure). Theme for the dinner is maroon and silver but everyone is pleased to wear other colours since it will look so weird that our attire are the same colour with the surrounding. I will update more about my dinner soon !

So back to my main topic which is about ZALORA. Weehuuuuu, I just received my order 3 days ago and I'M FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE BLOUSE AND SKIRT AND YEAH THE SHOES ALSO !
You guys may click on the picture above to view the details or you can just continue reading :-D. I bought three items from ZALORA and yeah they were :

1. Abbey Skirt (Purple) - link (RM 32)
2. Nelly Blouse (Lavender) - link (RM 35) 
3. A pair of Glitter Ballerinas (Pink) - link (actual price RM 59)

Yeah currently the ballerinas are on sale so I purchased them for only RM 29. They're so beautiful and so glittery. So GLAM gurl. Total for my order was actually RM 96 but I was using my Kwik Card from CIMB Bank and I was entitled to get 25% off on my total order and I paid just only RM77 for those three beautiful things. Waaahh so affordable isn't it ?

The shipment was only taking about A working day. I've purchased on 7th Nov (Saturday) and received an email about the delivery a day later.
Questioning about why the delivery took about days ? Well, they're only working on WORKING DAYS (business hours) which exclude the public holidays. Deepavali was on 10th Nov guys and I received my parcel on the 11th ! Great service from the ZALORA and ZALORA Express as well. 

Will add the real photos of those three items I bought so soon. Stay tuned guys.

Anyway, have you ever try to shop online ? No ? Ouh man, are you living in ancient times ? I HAVE A GREAT NEW dear readers.

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