Sunday, October 18

Back !

hello peeps!

it has been months since my last entry. really sure no one miss me. huh. alhamdulillah, im doing fine right now. hows are you guys? huh. feel like i lost burden since pt3 has ended. thank God, i did the best i can in pt3. so now, we are waiting for upcoming post-pt3 activities that currently being arrange. there will be a dinner with teachers, xplorace and so on. hoping that those activities make sense. lol. i don't know what to write on this blog. lol. i really have no idea what's going on.

oh ya, i'll open order for those who need new template design for their blogs or you can ask for new header. this is a paid service. well, i do this to get money actually. so please help me.

here are the price list;

full simple template (like me) (RM10 fixed)
fresh designed classic template (blogskins) (RM10 fixed)

pay only by online banking / atm / cdm. sorry guys but i don't prefer payment via top-up. anyway, you can negotiate to get those service for free. im pleased to help you by the way. you can contact me through email : . i am waiting happily for your email. this service opens till December 2015, specific date will be told later. so what you waiting for? drop me your email now!

p/s : im addicted to sims 3. cant get enough! need expansion packs or the new sims 4. help me people! btw, lovin my new stickers! need yours too? check out EZ STAMP. they provide wide designs for personalized stamps, name stickers etc. grab yours now! really love their service. fast, reliable and reasonable! low prices confirmed. click here.

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